Photo of Vaishnavi Ananthanarayanan
Photo of Leeba Ann Chacko
Photo of Harsh Kumar
Photo of Gregory Redpath



EMBL Australia Group Leader

Vaishnavi is in-charge of making sure that everybody in the lab has everything necessary to carry out their research and in general, making sure they are happy! When she is not (trying to) carry out experiments, teaching or writing, she enjoys binge-watching TV shows, playing tennis and the piano.

Email: vaish @ unsw.edu.au

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PhD student (starting Sept 2021)

Leeba – Leeba is pombe-phile who dabbles in several intricate projects involving their microtubules, mitochondria, actin and mitosis. Leeba is an aspiring science communicator and has several refreshing ideas that could revolutionize the field. When not in the lab, she enjoys watching TV shows (her favourite used to be GoT before the last season was ruined by bad writing).

Email: leebachacko @ gmail.com



PhD student (jointly with IISc)

Harsh is the Physics guy who turned to the dark side of Cell Biology. He has readily taken on the complex question of how pore-forming toxins (PFTs) assemble and how cells infected with PFTs respond to the assault. The first rule of asking Harsh questions about his free time is to not ask questions about what he does in his free time.

Email: kharsh @ iisc.ac.in



Postdoctoral Fellow

Greg is the endosome whisperer of the lab. He's passionate about understanding how stuff enters and exits cells via membrane-bound compartments. To do this, he tinkers with high-end microscopes and takes beautiful images. Another of his passions is cricket - if you aren't already a fan, he will try to convert you. When you meet him, do ask him about Invercargill, New Zealand.

Email: g.redpath @ unsw.edu.au


PhD Students

  • Joel Joseph (Dec 2019 – Nov 2020*, now: PhD BSSE, IISc Bangalore)

  • Mitali Shah (Aug 2018 – Nov 2020*, now: PhD BSSE, IISc Bangalore)

  • Nireekshit Addanki Tirumala (July 2015 – Nov 2020, now: Research Engineer at Pandorum Technologies, Bangalore)

(*due to move to ​UNSW)


Master’s Students

  • Leeba Ann Chacko (Junior Research Fellow, Dec 2017 – Nov 2020)

  • Rishabh Singh (Project Assistant, now: MS Boston Univ., USA, July 2017 – June 2018)

  • Kritika Mehta (Junior Research Fellow, now: PhD UIUC, USA, July 2017 – July 2018)

  • Tirthankar Sengupta (Research Associate, Sept 2016 – Nov 2017)

  • Stephen Nuthalapati (Junior Research Fellow, now: PhD GLU Geisen, Germany, July 2016 – July 2017)

  • Ashwini Ravi (Project Assistant, now: PhD Bangalore Univ., India, July 2015 – July 2017)

  • Jerrin Mathew Thankachan (Junior Research Fellow, now: PhD IISc, India, July 2015 – June 2016)

Undergraduate Students

  • Lauren Raasch (SN Bose Summer Research Fellow from U. Michigan, USA, Jun 2019 – Aug 2019)

  • Ananya Rajagopal (Research Intern, May 2019 – July 2019)

  • Anand Sankar (Project Assistant, Aug 2018 – Sept 2018)

  • Reshma Raj (Research Intern, Aug 2017 – Aug 2018)

  • Elsa Barron (SN Bose Summer Research Fellow from U. Notre Dame, USA, July 2018 – Aug 2018)

  • Aditya Jeevannavar (Research Intern, May 2018 – July 2018)

  • Keval Pandya (MBBS Research Intern, May 2018)

  • Manish Ayushman (Research Intern, now: PhD Stanford Univ., USA, May 2017 – July 2017)

  • Parth Sharma (MBBS Research Intern, May 2017)

  • Amoolya Girish (Research Intern, now: MS U. Florida, USA, Sept 2016 – Dec 2016)

  • Milind Singh (Research Intern, now: PhD Yale Univ., USA, May 2015 – July  2015)